Dynamic Ceramics Custom Projects

Custom Projects

Dynamic Ceramics is not limited to the manufacturing of industrial ceramics. We have the capability to branch out into the art and decorative side of ceramics. This is a relatively new division of Dynamic Ceramics, but basically any shape that can be pressed can be manufactured. Items that we have made thus far include imitation river pebbles for the construction of decorative wishing wells and the round disc that is used for the base of said wells. Dynamic Ceramics is capable of producing different shapes of pebbles, discs and beads for decorative purposes. We are not restricted to these 3 designs, but these are examples of what we have done so far.

When it comes to custom ferrules, we welcome new parts and ideas. Dynamic Ceramics has its own machine shop, which makes us very versatile. We really take pride in machining custom dies for customers. We are able to keep lead times short and die cost lower than the average machine shop because of our in-house operation. Due to the low cost and lead time of new parts, we currently stock over 400 different arc shields and insulators.

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