Find out more about our Arc Shields (Ferrules) which are used in the Stud Welding Industry

“Where Quality and Service Are Still a Way of Business”

 Our Process

  1. Clay in raw materials form is shipped in from all parts of the country

  2. Clay is mixed and dried in our mixing department

  3. Clay is formed into specific parts in our press department

  4. Parts in greenware form are loaded onto cars and fired in one of our kilns in our kiln department

  5. Finished parts are then packed into boxes, wrapped and ready to ship from our shipping department


“What Makes Us Unique”

We have our own tool and die shop, so 99% of our dies can be made “in-house” which helps us control costs and give shorter lead times.

We are a small family business. We have found that being a small business eliminates the bureaucracies that are found in big business. This makes it easy to get in contact with our personnel which fosters an environment centered around customer service and gives our customers the personal attention that they deserve.

Our business functions around a set of values with honesty and loyalty at the core. We are truly not satisfied unless our customers are satisfied and will work hard to meet our customers’ expectations.

Being a small business gives our company the freedom to take on new projects from customers. Our ability to work with current and new customers to fabricate new parts is one of our biggest qualities.

The fact that our compositions are mixed “in-house” gives us an extreme edge in controlling the quality of our products and makes us able to customize parts for the purpose they are being used for.

Where You Can Find Our Parts

Our parts are used in infrastructure construction or repair, such as bridges, highways, buildings and skyscrapers.

They are also used in the construction of ball parks (PNC Park, Heinz Field), boilers, and construction equipment.

Our electrical and specialty insulators can be found in air conditioners, lamps and air fresheners.

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