Arc Shields (Ferrules) for Stud Welding

Arc Shields (Ferrules)

Our arc shields, or ferrules, are made from a cordierite composition. Cordierite possesses properties that make it ideal for stud welding.  Cordierite holds a low thermal expansion as well as low thermal shock.  Our ferrules can go from ambient temperature to weld temperature in a split second and resist cracking or exploding.  The use of a ferrule is required for stud welding in order to concentrate the heat and retain the molten metal at the base of the stud until it has cooled.  After cooling, the ferrule is broken off to reveal the weld.  The strength of the weld actually ends up being stronger than the stud itself.  Ferrules are needed in most applications where stud welding is prevalent.  The most common applications are for bridge and road repair and the construction of buildings and skyscrapers. 

Our Ferrules

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