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Weld Studs and Ferrules for Bridge Repair
Weld Studs in the columns of WTC Tower #1.
Beams Being Set
Iron Worker Welding Studs to Floor of Building
Deformed Bar Anchors with Headed Studs.
Bluearc Shear Studs going through decking.
Headed Studs and 5/8 diameter Deformed Bar Anchors
Hydraulic Port Stud

Dynamic Ceramics manufactures a wide variety of industrial insulators, commonly known as arc shields or ferrules, which are used in the stud welding industry. We also manufacture a selection of electrical insulators as well as specialty parts.

Our arc shields (ferrules) are made from a cordierite composition. Cordierite is ideal for stud welding because it possesses very low thermal expansion. These ceramic insulators are used in infrastructure repair and construction as well as the construction of skyscrapers, stadiums and arenas.  Our electrical insulators are made from a steatite composition that is ideal for electrical applications.  These applications include lightning arrestors, band heaters, thermocouple beads, heat lamp bulbs and fish spine beads.

We also manufacture a variety of specialty ceramics used for fragrance absorption. These ceramics are made from a talc body which yields a high porosity in the fired state. All of our ceramic compositions are mixed and dried in-house from raw materials.

We at Dynamic Ceramics are fully committed to manufacturing quality ceramics in conjunction with a focus on customer satisfaction.  We believe our ceramic quality is what sets us apart from other manufacturers.  We strive to be the arc shield that stands above due to superiority.  Customer service is a continual focal point in day to day operations.  Our job is not done until our customers are completely satisfied.




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